Four Weathered Standard Apex Pier Cap (L) 280mm x (W) 280mm (1 x 1 BRICK)

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All of our coping stones are manufactured to the highest quality using our own bespoke concrete formula to give our concrete coping stones the best properties. Chemical admixtures and alternative cementitious material are incorporated into our mixes to give longevity to our products. Our mix designs are to ensure we produce a high strength concrete that is impermeable to ensure the coping stones withstand any extreme weather conditions for years to come.


Manufactured from a granite aggregate, silica sand and high strength 52,5N cement with additional chemical admixtures to improve the quality of concrete. Dye may also be used in the mix dependant on colour required. All colours are a ‘through colour’ (if items are cut the colour is the same all the way through the product)


Standard Finish


This is a smooth matt finish (sometimes described as a wet cast finish) all face edges and top surface have a smooth surface, the bottom of the products is the slightly rougher finish as it is the packed surface during manufacture, this also assists with a key for the mortar for bedding/fixing. This is a precast concrete that is cured without any work to the surface finish.


Resin Finish


This is a gloss shine finish, it is a two coat clear polyurethane resin that is applied after manufacture, it darkens the initial colour and is similar to a wet look, drying times between application is twenty four hours, therefore lead times for resin products are longer than a standard finish, typically the resin finish can last up to five years before re-application is required, this is dependant on general weathering. It also adds a degree of protection to the standard matt finish, however the colour will be darker than the standard product.


Acid Etching or Sandblasted Surface


This is a process that removes the smooth surface finish, exposing the aggregate, giving a more natural stone/granular finish, it will weather more than the standard and resin finish due to the nature of the surface being more susceptible to lichens and moss growth. This gives the concrete a natural look enhancing the look to replicate a stone surface finish. Etching will darken the natural colour slightly and is becoming a popular option over reconstituted stone



All products have drip grooves/channels to the underside, set in 10mm from the edge with a 8mm drip channel to the underside.

All products are manufactured to order, lead times can vary throughout the year, please contact the office for current information, it is imperative you check the sizes/colours and finish prior to order as products are non- returnable, if in doubt please ask.

Please note that deliveries are auto calculated. If your pallet is under one tonne in weight and you are mixing products i.e Coping stones with pier caps or mixed sizes of copings or pier caps you may be subject to an inflated delivery charge. Please call the office for an accurate delivery quote.

Please note if orders are processed at different times of the year there is a small chance that the colour may have a slight different colour tone. Colour changes in flyash and cement can occur if the material is difficult to source and as a result, we may have to change supplier. This can result in a slight change in colour tone. This is unlikely as we do our best to avoid this but it is possible. However, should this occur, it would only be minor as the rest of the ingredients remain consistent in terms of suppliers. Everything is weighed accordingly for each of our coloured concrete mixes to maintain consistency. If you are aware that your orders will be ordered over a time period please be sure to notify us so we can do our best to avoid a change in the colour tone.

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